After spending a day at the gym, clothing and gear become smelly and sweaty. Try these homemade cleaning hacks to get ready for your next workout.

Laundry Cleaning Hacks

Soak clothing in one part apple cider vinegar to four parts water for approximately 30 minutes before laundering. Wash clothes using a mixture of half baking soda and half laundry detergent for odor control.

Homemade Cleaning Wipes



  1. Cut the roll to fit the container.
  2. Add the ingredients to the container and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add the paper towels and cover.
  4. Allow the towels to become saturated before use.

Water Bottle Baking Soda Disinfectant

  1. Wash the bottle in hot, soapy water with a bottle brush or use a dishwasher.
  2. Add a couple teaspoons of baking soda and warm water. Allow to set for a few hours and wash as usual.
  3. Fill the bottle with apple cider vinegar, cover and let it sit overnight.

Gym Bag Deodorizing

Put Fabric Softener Sheets into the bag and close to deodorize.

Disinfect Gym Gear

Combine three drops of tea tree oil, two drops of peppermint oil, two drops of lavender oil, and distilled water in a spray bottle. Shake to mix. Spray and wipe equipment to disinfect and deodorize.