Beauty trends come and go, however … a full-on body glow? This should be something we aim for all year round, no matter what season it may be outside! Who can say no to luminous skin that glows from within … leaving others to wonder whether you just got back from a holiday vacation in gleaming Ibiza or the South of France?

Skincare is not limited to your face. Think about it: the very top of your head down to your tippy toes is all skin. It’s our largest organ, after all. When it comes to your skin, the same rules should apply to your body as they do to your face when talking about achieving a healthy and radiant glow. Achieving a body sheen does not have to be overwhelming.

You can follow every tip below, or take whichever feels good and apply them to your beauty routine and rituals.

From pampering body creams and oils to exfoliating and a faux sun-kissed glow, below find my favorite essential tips for creating a full-body illuminating glow in little to almost no time.

Dry Brush

When should you dry brush?

Before you hop in the shower—or a sauna, if you are into that—you may want to dedicate three to five minutes aside to use a dry brush like this one from EcoTools. Dry brushing is a healing modality used in ancient times dating all the way back to ancient Roman history. I guess those Roman Emperors knew what they were doing!

Why should you dry brush?

Dry brushing almost immediately wakes up your senses (which is why we love to dry brush in the morning: to ride the surge of energy it launches for the day) and feels absolutely invigorating. It’s a modality that leaves the skin silky smooth—not just for the time being but for long-term use as well. Not only does dry brushing feel great and exfoliate dead skin from the body, but regular dry brushing can assist in detoxification and stimulation of the lymphatic drainage process. 

Sweeping away dead skin allows any body care product to effectively soak in and moisturize your skin.

How do you dry brush?

You want to start at your knees and brush upwards in circular motions towards your groin area. After about 30 seconds, go back down towards your ankles and brush up to the knee area. Repeat brushing the knee area up towards the groin area once again. For your arm area, you can begin at your elbows and brush upwards in circles towards your armpits. After brushing the entirety of that area, brush from your hands to your elbow area, again, using circular motions. Repeat elbow to the armpit area.

Use firm, small, yet gentle strokes. The idea is to always brush upwards towards your heart center. You want to be careful not to tug, break, or irritate the skin.

Exfoliation can stimulate your nerves, increase blood flow, reduce dark spots and prepare for a smoother shave. If you want to dry brush your stomach area you can gently work in a clockwise direction. It leaves skin feeling like velvety silk and can also prevent ingrown hairs.

Pumice Stone

Dry brushing is a great start to exfoliating your body, however, we don’t want to forget about exfoliating our precious feet and toes by taking our routine a step further by incorporating Beauty By Earth’s Lava Exfoliating Pumice Stone. This beautiful, large pumice stone is a natural lava stone that assists in safely restoring your feet’s softer side by smoothing out any skin hardness, calluses, and dead skin cells. All you need to do is dip the pumice stone in warm water, add a bit of soap and gently scrub one to two times a week.

Body Soap

Conventional body cleansers and washes can use ingredients that are stripping or harsh to the skin. A fabulous formula that we love is Kenkoderm Therapeutic Bar Soap with Shea Butter + Argan Oil. This formula is fragrance-free and uses dead sea mineral salt to naturally cleanse and detoxify the skin. The formula also contains shea butter which is extremely soothing to the skin, providing a deep moisturization, to promote healing skin. 


Shaving is technically another form of exfoliation. The warm water and steam from your shower will soften up your pores and hair, which will help promote a smoother shaving experience. I wait until the end of my shower to begin my shave. You want to be sure that you are using a good razor for a silky-smooth finish. This can make all the difference when it comes to creating a soft and perfect shave. A fun tip of mine is that I actually love to use men’s razors. 

The Bulldog Skincare For Men Original Bamboo Razor is one of my favorite razors to have in my shower. This razor contains a lubricating strip with aloe vera, it has a natural bamboo handle plus a five-blade pivoting precision blade. It’s also water resistant.

Remember to always shave in the direction of your natural hair growth, as opposed to the opposite of it. Remember to replace your blade every time you shave in any sensitive areas.

Body Butter

When it comes to moisturizing the body, it’s all about hydration, especially after exfoliating and shaving! To maintain a radiant and healthy body complexion, body lotions and butters should be applied daily. An ideal time to lavish body butter into your skin is just after your shower. After you’ve exfoliated and as the water has softened up your pores, it is this time that’s ideal to absorb the product. Finishing up your shower routine with body butter will help to nourish and stimulate skin renewal and add an extra blast of hydration to embrace a healthy full-body glow. 

Right now, I am loving Jergen’s Essential Oil Collection Body Butter. Its triple butter blend is dermatologist-tested and deeply nourishes the skin with a beautiful blend of nourishing botanicals.

Glow All Over

Now that your body routine is taken care of, you can now easily apply an added layer of gorgeous glisten to your body for a finishing touch to go above and beyond. Before you head outdoors, sweep the Maui Babe Amazing Browning Lotion all over for a beautiful sheen and a subtle scent. The oil is very lightweight and gives you a stunning gleam when you layer it on top of the body butter. When using this oil, a little amount goes a long way to create that golden body glow. It really gives the appearance of a long-lasting vacation. This browning lotion is easy to apply, effective, and gives your skin an immediate color with no streaking. If headed to the beach or out for a long day out in the sun, I recommend applying a body SPF before applying this lotion to prevent any sun damage. 

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Just like our facial skin, beauty begins on the inside. Remember to eat high-vibrational glow foods such as colorful vegetables and fruits filled with antioxidants to keep your skin glowing and fresh. These are foods that provide us with healthy vitamins and the minerals we need for clear skin, and they provide our skin with ultimate hydration starting from within.

Aim to drink enough water daily, get good quality sleep, and do daily movement. Having the right routine can help us feel and look our best. Glow on!