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Posted on Feb 8, 2023
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Nice price! The color brings out the aqua in my eyes... that's unexpected. hmm, and I didn't want to like this color! The product comes with a little spoon. I would have preferred tweezers because this product is very slippery. Plenty of serum to keep the hydrogel wet and to spread on the rest of my face. The hydrogel itself is very thick and stays well. It is a darker green opaque swampy green color. I would have preferred a hydrogel that was a lighter translucent color with a bit of sparkle in it. I think these are thick and wet enough to stay on overnight, and you can put it on over skincare products. I didn't notice a scent, and the serum doesn't need to be washed off or removed. It absorbed well! The size of the patch fits nicely around the curvature of my lower eyelid and reached the crease where I have fine lines. Helped restore moisture in that area, and my face looks more hydrated than before. There is no sensitivity to ingredients. I noticed micro gold flecks in the gel that hopefully is more than just a gold fleck effect. Overall, it was a fun and whimsical approach to Korean skincare! I would buy again, makes for a fun self care gift for almost anyone too. Most importantly, the product did help to smooth out fine lines and crepey skin that's been tough to repair. A+ I kept the hydrogel on over my normal skincare treatments for a long time, and it stayed moist! ( see picture) I am 45 and decided I will be using hydrogel eye patches every day to keep me looking my freshest. At this price and quality, I am excited about being able to do this with these as well as some other ones I purchased here. I'll review those as well. These work fast, next time I'd love to do a before and after picture if possible. Hope this review was helpful!