Coffee is a must-have for many to get their morning started. There are certain additives that can make coffee healthier and even more enjoyable.

Cinnamon Coffee

A pinch of cinnamon provides anti-aging antioxidants, which can help regulate blood sugar and reduce LDL cholesterol.

Chocolate Coffee

By adding just 1 teaspoon of cacao powder to a cup of coffee, drinkers can reap anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Tropical Blend

The addition of 1 tablespoon coconut oil to a cup of coffee adds sweetness as well as health benefits. The oil creates a sense of fullness, which deters snacking. The omega-3 fatty acids also protect neurons.

Rejuvenation Coffee

Adding a dash of collagen to a cup of freshly brewed ground coffee can provide the building blocks needed for joint, skin, and connective tissue repair.

Bulletproof Coffee

Adding about 2 tablespoons of butter or ghee to coffee infuses it with omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamin K. This will also provide satiety and energy and help brain function. Also, include a dash of MCT oil to help increase fat-burning and boost energy.

Coffee Oatmeal

Combine freshly brewed ground coffee with oats and breakfast is served. The oats provide fiber and iron along with magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc.

Stress-Reduction Coffee

Ashwagandha, an Indian herb, is known to relieve stress and increase physical endurance. Combine a dash of Ashwagandha, cinnamon, and coconut oil for a comprehensive health treat.

Spiced Coffee

Adding flavorful cardamom to a morning coffee routine provides an immune system boost thanks to the spice's antimicrobial properties.

Hot n' Spicy

A dash of cayenne in a cup of coffee can enhance cardiovascular and gastrointestinal function.